ONO is the cutting-edge solution for efficient and sustainable last-km deliveries in urban environments.

It is also a mobile workshop, a mini foodtruck, a new vehicle for green maintenance in gardens and parks


Discover the future of urban travel. With its futuristic design, protection against the rain, electric assistance and ergonomic features, Hopper offers a comfortable mode of transport, green mobility, eco-responsible and good for the planet


Woodybus – a unique school e-bike bus – transports 8 children to school. Everyone pedals ! It is made of wood and combines respect for the environment and active learning ! It’s a safe, durable and fun way to transport your children to school


c/o BSB SRL – TVA : BE1005.487.746

Avenue de Wisterzee 7 – B 1490 Court ST Etienne – TEL : +32 475 425152

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